Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving over to Wordpress & Domain

Hello lovlies!!

I imported my blog to Wordpress last night and will be working on getting the layout/look that I want over the weekend. Once this is done, I won't be posting into blogger anymore, and my entire decor site/blog will be under

You can still visit the site now, all the blogs posts here are already live on the new domain, but many of the sidebar widgets available here on my Blogger site won't be there until probably Monday.

And, I'll still keep this blogger site live for as long as I can, so this will still be available, but I'd like you guys to bookmark me at

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So, let me know if there's something my site has been missing that you'd like to see me incorporate on the new site! I'd love to hear from you!!

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Till next time,



  1. Hey doll, you moved! How awesome is that and congrats on your domain!! the site looks nice and I am sure will been even better once you are done..

    Keep on inspiring!