Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Space-Saving Furniture from Resource Furniture: The Swing Sofa

Since we're talking small spaces this month, I thought I should share a very unique space-saving product from Resource Furniture, a company specializing in innovative, space-saving sofas, tables, and more. 

The Swing sofa

Check out this quick video:

I love this!! The Swing sofa comes in many different colors and textures, features a Queen bed attached to shelving, and includes the 9 foot sofa with chaise shown in the below picture. The chaise has additional storage underneath the sofa seat. Just pull on the shelf above the sofa and the bed lowers. The shelf then becomes the foot of the bed without having to remove anything off it. How's that for innovative storage?? Perfect for the tiny apartment homes (with big budgets).

via Resource Furniture

Price for the sofa/bed/shelf unit starts at $13,450, which is definitely a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY. But if you live in a small studio apartment, is it worth it? Yes, maybe...

If you want to daydream about the other cool, space-saving furniture at Resource Furniture, here's a link.

What do you think about the Swing Bed from Resource Furniture? Do you think they're units are worth spending if it helps save extra space in a small home? Be sure to drop a comment and let me know!!

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