Monday, February 18, 2013

Want a Black & White Room?

I love to decorate and color theory is one of my favorite aspects of design. I’m always working on color combinations that work well together. Black and white is the most classic color scheme and is actually one of my favorite to use in an interior space (and in my wardrobe). It’s a color combination that is definitely here to stay. The resulting look is sophisticated and sleek, and is the perfect backdrop for an accent color to really make a room pop. The high contrast of black and white can also provide drama and elegance.

To pull off a great black and white color scheme, here are some tips:

  • To bring in a bit of elegance, get a furniture piece that is curvaceous, such as a buffet or coffee table.
  • It’s okay to mix a black and white color combo with wood pieces, especially dark wood.
  • Bring in translucent and/or glass furniture to modernize the space
  • Use framed artwork that’s either black frames with white matting or white frames with black matting. The latter is more dramatic. Having a bit of color in the artwork is fine too, but I like mostly black and white images when using this color scheme.

  • Don’t be afraid to add an accent color. Red, lime green, pink, and turquoise all make great pops of color.
  • You can’t go wrong with black and white strips. I love wide, horizontal, black and white stripes for window treatments.
  • Mix the scale of the patterns in your fabrics. Have small, medium, and large scale patterns to keep the color scheme from becoming a bore.

  • A zebra skin rug (faux, or not) works perfectly with a black and white color scheme and brings in a touch of luxury.

  • Use a variety of textures in all your furnishings: soft, hard, fluffy, shiny, smooth, rough, etc…

So there you are. These tips are in no way “rules of engagement” when decorating with a black and white color scheme. One thing to remember is that your space must reflect YOU and your design style. Make sure to go with what you truly love and it will ALWAYS love it.

Do you love black and white rooms like me? Have any tips on making this color scheme work? Drop a comment!

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  1. I love that most colors work as a "pop of color" on black and white decor!

    1. I too love that. It allows for so much versatility. For people that love modern spaces and insists on a black and white color scheme throughout their home, by adding a different pop of color in each room, it keeps the home from looking boring or too monotonous.