Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink Passion (Mood Board)

Pink is one of my favorite colors, so I wanted to get together some really cute furnishings that are inexpensive in this color. Any of the below items can go in any room, especially living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. They're also really affordable, too. :)

My favorite color combinations are:

Pink & Green
Pink & White
Pink & Cream
Pink, Gold, & Mint Green
Pink & Brown

1.       Love this pillow. It’ll definitely go with many color schemes. Put it on any chair or sofa. $15.00
2.       Same thing for this pillow. It's very cute and could go with most themes. $16.00
3.       I could use this magazine rack. It's taller than most and transparent. It’ll be cute next to a sofa, desk, or even a night stand or end table. $80.00
4.       This is one of my favorite posters. It'll really pop in rooms with black, brown, gold, and or silver. $8.99
5.       Flamingo’s Dream”. Paint color by Benjamin Moore. Need I really say more??
6.       This mural comes in many different sizes from 4.5 ft. x 3 ft. all the way to a custom size to fit almost any size wall. If you have a flair for dramatics, this would definitely be show stopping on an accent wall. You can also get it at a smaller scale and create a border around it with molding.
7.       Really cute. You’ll only need one of these transparent side tables to make a statement. $179.00
8.       This lamp is sexy and would go well in a modern space. I can picture it on a parson’s desk in a home office, but of course you can also put it anywhere else in your home. $139.98
9.       This chair with the Greek Key pattern is everything to me. I would love to have this one! I'm putting it on my wish list! $227.99
10.   This rug is too hot! It also looks very comfortable. I can picture a really fab gold and glass coffee table sitting on top. $119-$651 depending on size
11.   Love these knobs, especially to glam up an inexpensive piece of furniture or an antique one that needs a little love. I would love to see them on a cream colored dresser. $8.00 each
12.   This Wishbone chairis definitely different from others. I love the form and shade of pink. It'll definitely be a conversation starter, so putting it in a living room would like the best place for it. Or even a dining room? Hmmm... $149.99
13.   This velvet fabric would look great as heavy drapes on a window. Or, you can use it to make luxurious pillows. For the pillows, you can embellish it with a cute crystal design for a bit of BLING. $16.98 per yd.
14.   You can get two of these ottomans and put them in any room for extra seating. $59.00
15.   This Pink Cube clock could be just the right of extra "Pink Pop" in your room. $16.59
16.   This Vista Task Chair even looks a little comfortable than some of the other inexpensive desk chairs on the market. $88.88

So, there you have it: 16 great pink pieces that’ll fit anywhere! If you have any of these in your space, please share a pic and let us know how you’re using it…



  1. Hi Whitney! Im loving the new look of your blog. Very fresh ;)

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I have a couple more changes, but those are going to come a bit later.