Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year... Emerald

Many people have been talking about this color in fashion, but what about interiors... 

The best thing about this color is it can be as fun, dramatic, or as moody as you'd like it. Emerald can work with any style. 

You can choose to go with an emerald-colored sofa or other large furniture piece. By pairing the color with a  white or gold, it'll look very fab and elegant. Other color combos are emerald and coral and emerald and gray.

Other options include emerald-colored curtains or accessories. That way the look is more minimal. This would make a modernist very happy, while still keeping up with the latest color trend.

If you can't find anything emerald-colored, you can always paint a dresser, end table, chair, lamp, or any other interesting accessory you may have.

I like to see walls painted Emerald. Why not? The color is so vivid and daring, it's guaranteed to make a statement.

Below are five of my favorite rooms using emerald.

I love how in the above room emerald was paired with gold, black, and white. The color scheme makes the room look rich and elegant. The zebra print mirror accentuates this idea.

Below is another emerald, gold, black, and white room.

Even though in the above room, the color is drenching the walls and floor, by mixing it with white and orange, the room is very fun and refreshing.

If you'd rather a more rustic room, you can get inspiration from the room above. The iron chandelier, tree in the corner, candle display, and buffet gives the room a slight country feel.

Here is another view of the third picture. It is definitely more glam than the last one. It also seems darker than  the other view, maybe because it appears that there isn't any overhead light.

So, I'm curious to know how YOU are incorporating emerald in your home this year... Do you keep up with Pantone's color predictions? Do you keep up with any other color trends? 



  1. You are right, I never thought about emerald for interiors. But these rooms are gorge! Though for me I might incorporate emerald in with accents.

    Ali of


  2. Hey Ali,
    Thanks for visiting the Decor Chronicles! I do like the look of the emerald painted walls, but I would also probably use emerald in the pillow covers. That way I could change them out when I want a different color. Have you ever thought about how great emerald would look in your Christmas decor?

  3. I love the look of the emerald walls, I don't think I would be bold enough to do that when I have my own home, but it does look gorgeous in these photos.


  4. Hey Melissa,
    Welcome to the Decor Chronicles! I love to see the color on the walls, and as much as I have promised myself to try and sell the paint color to a client, I was a bit hesitant when given the opportunity. I'm working on a living room based on the color and we are going to add emerald in the form of accents, instead of on the walls. LoL, maybe NEXT job I'll try to put it on the walls. ;)