Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Living Room Under $1500...

Tax refunds are coming for many people and I've been hearing that a lot of people have been looking for new furniture. I'll be coming up with many different layouts and furnishings to help. This living room is based on this rug below from Urban Outfitters. My friend has been looking for a floral rug and loves color. She fell in love with this.

11. SW0036 Buckram Binding - Sherwin Williams Paint Color

So... do you like? The rug is definitely not for everyone. The best part of the space is the way that the bold rug is toned down by repeating some of the colors, red and yellow. It's also toned down by the neutral colors of the gray sofa and brown walls.

I would love to hear opinions!! Do you know of a furnishing that I should have used instead of any that were included?


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