Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Purple Finds

Purple is my favorite color!!! I've got so many different rugs, lamps, and paint colors saved on my Pinterest page. Here's some of my fav...

Crushed Velvet Fabric
I love velvet fabric. This would look great upholstered on an antique living chair or mixed in with a eclectic mix of pillows in a bachelorette pad.

Hand-Strung Amethyst Chips Ramona Pendant
via Fuse Lighting
Yea, this one's gonna be pricey, but I couldn't leave it off the list, right?

Graham & Brown Purple Wallpaper
via Design Your Wall
Need I say more?

Ruby Oriental Fleur De-Lis Rug
via Rugs Direct
Let me explain something, I NEVER do Oriental anything! I don't hate the style, it's just not my favorite and never the first thing that I look to when designing a space. I've seen some really cute oriental rugs, but this one always makes me stare. In a good way... I think?

Jenna Stacked Ball Dark Purple Table Lamps
These are so cool! I love the deep, dark purple!

Handmade Ceramic Plate with Deep Purple Lotus Flower
via HopeJohnson on Etsy
The ceramic plates from HopeJohnson on Etsy are all so cute, but I love this one because it has the purple lotus flower. It would make a very cute serving plate!

Have you found any cute, purple items recently? What's your favorite color? Be sure to drop a comment and let me know!

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  1. how did you know that purple is my favorite? PS I saw your link regarding the e-services .. super idea! Especially for persons that are far away. I will contact you directly regarding services.

    Hope you have a great one!