Thursday, April 18, 2013

You Can Fit a Home Office Anywhere...

With more and more of us working from home, it's really important for us to have a comfortable work space. If you're confused about where to set up your new home office, I'm here to help! Here are places where you can set up…

In a spare bedroom…

If you have a spare bed room, what better way to have a functional home office than have an entire room dedicated to your work tasks. By setting up here, you can eliminate distractions and unnecessary traffic from other members of your family. You'll have more space for storage and furniture, and you can go all out on the décor without having to match up with a shared space.

In the living room…


You can have your office in your living room if you live alone and don't have a spare room. One of the best ways to make this work, is by using a desk thats light in appearance, like a parson's table, a glass desk, or one with few drawers (as in the picture above). Use as much concealed storage as possible, so it doesn’t clutter your living room. Hide as much hardware as possible (especially your printer) and make sure there are no wires hanging out.

Office in a dining room…


Note how this office is tucked in the corner of this dining room. Although you can't see the table and chairs of the eating space, the homeowner has made efficient use of the room even with having both spaces nestled in the same room. Dining rooms are great for putting a home office, because many people don't use the space for eating as much. Just make sure that there isn't any clutter and that the office décor blends seamlessly with that of the dining space.

In a bedroom…


A good way to save space and money for your home office is by placing your desk next to your bed. It eliminates the need for a bedside table, because your desk can work double duty by housing your alarm clock (does anyway still use actual alarm clocks), lamp, and other bedside accessories.

In your kitchen…


You can also put your home office in your kitchen. What a good idea for those that don't need much space. If you only need a laptop and a few folders/notebooks, a small nook in a kitchen can work great. You can use one of your kitchen cabinets for storage and any utensils/accessories you need can be stored in a cute kitchen canister. By concealing your supplies, no one will even notice that you're conducting business from your kitchen.

In a nook in any room…


This office is placed in a nook in a living room. Some people have these little crannies in their bedroom, too. Add a curtain and voila… out of site, out of mind.

Under a staircase…


If you have unused space under your stairs, this is a good way to find functional use. You can get custom shelving and a desk to fit your space perfectly, or you can approach it as in the above picture. A parson's desk, plastic storage drawers, and wall shelving work great here.

So there you have it! I hope this inspires you to setup your own home office!

Do you already have a home office? Or, are you looking to setup yours soon? Be sure to drop a comment of what area of your home works best for you and how you're decorating!

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