Monday, April 8, 2013

Mug O' Comfort Swap by Chaotic Goddess Swaps

I did my first swap last month and I'm addicted! I love being able to interact and meet people that blog, because they're the ones that can relate to my hectic life right now! ;) These swaps provide the platform to meet new people and also have a lot of fun (and get cute gifts) in the process.

This time, I'm participating in the Mug O' Comfort Swap by Chaotic Goddess Swaps. The idea is for each person of the swap to receive a mug filled with goodies. You are to fill a mug with stuff that you, yourself, would like to receive (coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, etc), and you can include anything else that you'd like. It must be personalized to fit your partner's preferences and style, though. You then send the mug to your partner and get ready to receive the one being sent to you!

To get more info and participate, please go over and visit the Chaotic Goddess Swaps...

Are you participating in any swaps right now? Be sure to let me know! If you're interested, be sure to jump over to Chaotic Goddess Swaps!

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  1. What do you like to drink? Coffee? Tea? Other? :) I'm a huge fan of tea lately...never thought I would like it but I do!

    1. I love tea, but I'm pretty picky about it. I can't really find any that I really like other than Lipton. There was a raspberry kind that I used to drink (and love), but I don't remember the brand. I also like flavored coffee and regular cocoa with marshmallows! :)


  2. Wahooo! We're so glad to have you joining us for this swap! (I do my best decorating, well, idea-wise, anyway, when I have a mug of hot coffee in my hands, personally)