Thursday, March 7, 2013

Painting Your Walls

Last week you guys took a poll here on The Decor Chronicles about the best way to refresh your space. Among paint, new furniture, and accessories, paint was chosen as the most effective way to get a new look.

In my opinion, paint is one of the best ways to transform ANY space in your home. Painting walls can also be very easy and inexpensive.

Many people who live in apartments are looking for a quick fix to make their home less apartment like and more home-y. Apartment dwellers are usually afraid to go bright or dark, for fear of upsetting landlords or having to repaint (because you don't like the color). My suggestion would be to go with a color that is more neutral, like a khaki, brown, or gray. Below are two of my favorite neutrals:

SW2844 Roycroft Mist Gray
SW7533 Khaki Shade
Some people are already living with a neutral color and would like a little more impact. You can go with a darker neutral, or go a bit more bold with an accent wall in either of these hues...

Other ways to choose your paint color is to match it to other furnishings in your room. Do you like a particular color in your rug or sofa pillows? Use it on the wall.

The below colors were pulled from the rug and would work...

SW2824 Renwick Golden Oak

SW7105 Paperwhite
SW6481 Green Bay
SW6717 Lime Rickey
SW6313 Kirsch Red
All of the above colors would give a room with that rug a completely different look, right?

I found this great color palette online...
You can match these colors in different parts of your room: walls, baseboards, sofa, pillows, etc.

Some extra tips:
  • Always test paint before completely diving in. Paint samples are just $5 at Home Depot and can save you from extra money and headache.
  • Test your paint in the lightest and darkest areas of the room. Also make sure you're able to see the paint sampled on the wall at night as well as when it's daylight.
  • On walls, the paint will look darker than it did in the can.
  • Make sure to repeat the wall colors again somewhere else in your space. Accessories and pillows are a great way to do this.
  • I would suggest priming the walls when going from a dark to light color. Some paints have Paint+Primer paint. Make sure to ask the paint associate at the store if you need primer.
I hope this helps next time your decide to paint your space. What would be your go to neutral shade? Or, would you be willing to go bold?


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